Colonial Scenes (for Orchestra)

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Colonial Scenes
(for Orchestra)

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"Colonial Scenes" by Mark Wolfram and Marilyn Harris is an original composition for orchestra. It was premiered May 28, 2017 with Maestro László Veres conducting the Tucson Pops Orchestra.

Subtitled, "Music inspired by the American Revolution", "Colonial Scenes" was originally composed for a series of radio plays entitled “Independence Now!” Highlighting life and the drama of those turbulent times, the music underscored the writings of John & Abigail Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and many other notable heroes of the American Revolution. Upon the completion of the project, Mark thought that some of the original themes (written in the style of the last half of the 18th century) would make a wonderful medley for orchestra. This arrangement combines 7 of those themes and fills them out beyond their original sparse orchestration.

While each is distinctly their own flavor, the themes used in this work flow from one to another smoothly, dramatically evoking that tumultuous chapter in our nation's history. From the crisp salute of fife & drums to the emotional letters born of separation and longing, the period-styled music highlights the many moods of the time, including the tension before battle and the march to war that culminated in the birth of the United States of America.

Somewhat programmatic, "Colonial Scenes" is a GRADE 4 orchestral composition which would fit aptly in any national holiday program, such as Memorial Day, Presidents Day, Veterans Day or the 4th of July. It features the themes of "The Piper's Pride", "Reading By Candlelight", "Fox Hunt", "Minuet", "On Tenterhooks", "The March to War" and "Sons of Liberty". The work has a duration of approximately 8:45.

A complete set of full-sized parts and a bound, transposed full score are included. Available only through this website from Sound Studio Publications. The instrumentation/parts distribution for each set is as follows:

1 - Flute 1 (Piccolo)
1 - Flute 2 (Piccolo)
1 - Oboe 1
1 - Oboe 2
1 - B-flat Clarinet 1
1 - B-flat Clarinet 2
1 - Bassoon 1
1 - Bassoon 2


1 - French Horn in F 1
1 - French Horn in F 2
1 - French Horn in F 3
1 - French Horn in F 4
1 - C Trumpet 1
1 - C Trumpet 2
1 - C Trumpet 3
1 - Trombone 1
1 - Trombone 2
1 - Bass Trombone
1 - Tuba

1 - Harp
6 - Violins 1
6 - Violins 2
6 - Violi
8 - Violoncelli
6 - Contrabasses
1 - Timpani

3 - Mallets (Orchestra Bells, Triangle,
       Vibraphone & Tubular Chimes)
1 - Drum Set

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