Sonoran Celebration (for Concert Band)

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Sonoran Celebration
(for Concert Band)

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of the Arizona Symphonic Winds,
László Veres, conductor

View score: Sonoran Celebration


"Sonoran Celebration" by Mark Wolfram is an original composition for concert band. The work was commissioned by Maestro László Veres and the Arizona Symphonic Winds of Tucson, Arizona in celebration of their 30th anniversary. It was premiered on March 20, 2016 at the Catalina Foothills High School auditorium in Tucson, Arizona.

Sonoran Celebration” is a concert overture which was inspired by the great Sonoran desert. The work uses a series of celebratory fanfare motifs which are woven throughout the piece - sometimes brassy and boisterous, sometimes warm and smooth - depicting the vast breadth, beauty and variety of the Sonoran desert. Woodwind and brass choirs answer each other's statements - ultimately combining to depict the majesty of the desert. This upbeat work features many soloists and every section in the band. While meant to celebrate the Sonoran desert, this work is perfect for any celebration and a great way to start any concert.

The Sonoran desert is located in southwestern Arizona and southeastern California, as well as most of Baja California and the western half of the state of Sonora, Mexico. Known for it's unique flora including the saguaro cactus, the Sonoran desert is the home of many national parks and is the hottest North American desert - attracting retirees and "snowbirds" alike. The Sonoran desert's abundant natural beauty, majestic vistas and breath-taking sunsets are perennial subjects for magazine covers and photo essays alike.

"Sonoran Celebration" is a GRADE 5 concert band composition which features fanfare motifs and sweeping melodies, colorful sonorities, many step-out solos, time signature changes, tertian and quartal composition in an exciting blend which is both intellectually satisfying and aesthetically pleasing. The work has a duration of approximately 6:20.

A complete set of full-sized parts and a bound, transposed full score are included. Available only through this website from Sound Studio Publications. The instrumentation/parts distribution for each set is as follows:

4 - Flute 1
4 - Flute 2
1 - Piccolo
1 - Oboe 1
1 - Oboe 2
1 - English Horn
1 - Bassoon 1
1 - Bassoon 2
1 - E-flat Clarinet
4 - B-flat Clarinet 1
4 - B-flat Clarinet 2
4 - B-flat Clarinet 3
2 - B-flat Bass Clarinet
1 - E-flat Contra Alto Clarinet

1 - B-flat Contrabass Clarinet
2 - E-flat Alto Saxophone 1
2 - E-flat Alto Saxophone 2
1 - B-flat Tenor Saxophone
1 - E-flat Baritone Saxophone
1 - String Bass
3 - B-flat Trumpet 1
3 - B-flat Trumpet 2
3 - B-flat Trumpet 3
1 - French Horn in F 1
1 - French Horn in F 2
1 - French Horn in F 3
1 - French Horn in F 4

2 - Trombone 1
2 - Trombone 2
2 - Bass Trombone
2 - Euphoniums T.C.
2 - Euphoniums B.C.
4 - Tubas
1 - Timpani
2 - Mallets 1 (Orchestra Bells & Xylophone
2 - Mallets 2 (Vibraphone & Tubular Chimes)
2 - Percussion 1 (Snare Drum)
2 - Percussion 2 (Bass Drum & Triangle)
1 - Percussion 3 (Crash & Suspended Cymbals)

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